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Irene Thorsell
Member Since: June 1968
Occupation in 1968: Librarian at San Fernando Valley State College

Why did you first join the Credit Union? At that time, I was a Librarian with the college, working with Stan McElderry, the Head Librarian on campus. Stan was very instrumental in starting the credit union. I think the main thing we thought about was the convenience of having a credit union right there on campus, in lieu of a bank.

We started the credit union and sent a memo to everyone on campus. The birth of the credit union was surprising. We thought we'd really have to drum into people's heads the convenience of it, but it just burgeoned overnight. It was a great success.

How has the Credit Union helped you over the years?
Fortunately, I've never had to have a loan. The only thing I recall is once I went over my allowed limit on charging on my credit card, and I called the next day and they took care of it for me. No problem whatsoever, my limit was increased with no problems; they didn't have to call me, it was just done. And it's paid automatically which is a wonderful service.

At a time when banks are failing here there and everywhere, I've never felt that the credit union was in jeopardy. I've never had any fear that it's going to go bust.

Why have you stayed with MCCU for so many years?
I've had nothing but good service at the credit union. I'm always told ahead of time when a CD is maturing - that's important, getting a heads up on that. I've never had a bad experience with the credit union and I will stay with them forever! They obviously value me and I value them.

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