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PLEASE NOTE: Recently, there has been a very high volume of fraud in Florida. To help our members avoid possible fraud, we have restricted MasterMoney debit card purchases in the state of Florida. If you will be traveling to Florida or make a purchase online with a merchant (or card processor) located in Florida, please call us to temporarily unblock the restriction. It will take 24 hours to remove the block, so please let us know in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Get easy access to your MCCU Business Checking Account with a Business MasterMoney™ Check Card! It works doubly hard as an ATM Card AND a Check (debit) Card!


Use Your Business MasterMoney™ Check Card as an ATM Card:

  • Get cash 24 hours a day at any ATM displaying the CO-OP, Star™ or Cirrus network logos

  • Pay for purchases and get cash back at any Star™ Network POS terminal
  • Also, offer "cash back" with no MCCU ATM usage fees. Just select the debit option when you swipe your card
  • Individual merchants have their own cash limits and fees, but generally offer "cash-back" withdrawals of $20, $50 or more!


Use Your Business MasterMoney™ Check Card as a "Debit" Card:

  • Business MasterMoney™ Check Card is FREE!
  • It's usually accepted wherever MasterCard is honored… but it works like a check!
  • Business MasterMoney™ Check Card is easier to carry than a checkbook… and you'll never run out of checks!
  • Use it to pay for purchases… and instead of increasing your credit card debt, the purchase amount is debited from available funds in your MCCU Business Checking Account!
  • Purchases will appear on your monthly statement as electronic Checking withdrawals. The date and amount of each transaction will be itemized, and the retailer or location of the purchase may also be listed.


Print an application online for your FREE Business MasterMoney™ Check Card. After you have completed the application, bring it to a branch or fax it to: (818) 993-0324.


Want to find a Surcharge-FREE ATM near your home or business? Use our CO-OP ATM Locator!


See full disclosure for details.


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