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Get a safety net for your check card transactions

We understand that sometimes funds in your checking account may run low, or a simply miscalculation may lead you to believe you have more money available. With MCCU's Check Card Courtesy Pay, we can authorize and pay one-time MasterMoney check card transactions when this occurs. All you need to do is let us know you want this service.


It's Free to Opt-In and Ready When You Need It!

There are no fees to opt-in for Courtesy Pay. Simply contact us, let us know you want to opt-in, and Courtesy Pay will be ready when you need it. Whether you're at the grocery store, pharmacy or gas pump, you'll have the financial resources available which may help you avoid a check card decline at the register. Whenever we approve a debit transaction, and you don't have sufficient funds to cover, a courtesy fee of $29 per transaction will be charged.


Getting Started with MCCU's Courtesy Pay (opt-in)

To start using MCCU’s Courtesy Pay, you must contact us first (opt-in). This is a one-time process. Once you opt-in for Courtesy Pay, the credit union may cover everyday one-time check card transactions when you do not have sufficient funds in your account. Without your initial opt-in for Courtesy Pay service, we cannot authorize or cover these types of transactions when your account does not have sufficient funds—you must opt-in beforehand.


Click here to learn more MCCU’s Courtesy Pay, including benefits and eligibility.


The Opt-In Requirement

To provide Courtesy Pay services, federal regulation states that financial institutions must require checking account holders to actively agree or opt-in to receive this type of service. If you do not request Courtesy Pay, by law we must deny check card transactions when you do not have enough funds available. MCCU Courtesy Pay Opt-In is for one-time check card transactions only. Opt-in is not required for Bill Pay, paper checks and ACH transactions; they will be processed as usual.


It's Easy to Opt-In

We’ve made the opt-in process quick and easy. If you want us to begin authorizing and paying overdrafts through Courtesy Pay, simply choose one of these three methods to Opt-In. If you have already opted out and would like to opt in, you can do that at any time.


  • Call (818) 993-6328 and opt-in by phone with one of our Member Service representatives.
  • Send a secure email once you are logged in to e-Branch online banking. Please type “Courtesy Pay Opt-In” in the subject line.
  • Complete an Opt-In Form (pdf) and return it to an MCCU branch.


If you wish to stop Courtesy Pay in the future, please contact us.


Avoiding Overdrafts

In addition to Courtesy Pay, MCCU offers many different options for staying connected to your account and avoiding overdraft situations:


  • Automatic Transfers. Your MCCU Checking account can be set up to receive automatic transfers from your Saving Account in the event your checking account runs low.
  • Overdraft Line-of-Credit. Apply for this loan that can act as a safety net for your Checking Account. You don’t pay any interest until you use it.
  • Mobile Banking. You can use your mobile device or smartphone to access your MCCU accounts, check balances, and transfer money between accounts, whenever it is convenient for you.


For additional information, visit our Courtesy Pay page Or call us at 818.993.6328 during business hours with any questions.




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