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4 Reasons to Use Online Bill Pay
4 Reasons to Use Online Bill Pay3/26/2019

couple smiling while man is writing something on paper with open laptopOnline bill pay is a tool available through our online banking portal that allows you to add and send electronic payments to billers. Yes, some billers have websites with the option to make payments online. That requires you to navigate to multiple sites, logging in, scheduling the payment, and logging out. Online bill pay solves that problem.

It’s the easiest way to pay your bills and track your transactions from your desktop or smartphone—any web-enabled device. You can even pay your bills, and add new payees, with our mobile banking app. Receive your bills electronically and set up helpful payment reminders delivered to your email inbox.

In case those features aren’t reason enough to get started with online bill pay, we’ve put together a list of five reasons to get started using online bill pay today.

Eliminate paper payments

Let’s be honest: it’s a pain to write a check these days. You must find your checkbook, fill out a check, and deliver it to the biller in-person or by mail. Not only does it take extra time to pay by check, but your payment data is less secure than an electronic payment protected by encryption.

Save time...

Online bill pay allows you to add any payee you want – from utilities to a person (your barber, pool company), or even a charity. Once you find your biller, you can save that information for future payments. Make multiple payments in one online banking/mobile session—there’s no limit on the number of bills you pay each month using online bill pay. You can even set up recurring payments so you don’t have to remember to pay them.

...and Save Money

Paying by check is both time consuming and costly. Postage for each biller payment adds up. Online bill pay is a free service provided as part of our banking relationship, and there are no fees for paying bills electronically.

Enjoy Payment Choices

You want full control over your payments. Make payments anytime, anywhere with a web-connected device. Manage bills and schedule one-time or recurring vendor payments.

Get started with online bill pay today! All you have to do is enroll in online banking, then click on the Bill Pay tab and enroll – it’s that easy!


This blog post is provided by Matadors Community Credit Union partner CheckAlt.

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