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Creative Ways to Save on Energy Costs
Creative Ways to Save on Energy Costs10/11/2018

pink ceramic piggy bank with LED light bulb leaning on itAre your electricity bills astronomical? Utility rates are continually rising, which doesn't help our bank accounts. Check out our list of 10 creative ways to trim your bill not only in the Summer, but all year long! 

MCCU can help - our low-rate Home Energy Loans to help you pay for your energy-efficient home projects, like windows, hot water heaters, appliances and more!

1.) Plant Trees

If your home has lots of west-facing windows, you're likely getting loads of sunlight each afternoon, and that's making your AC unit work harder. Lower your energy consumption by planting trees or large shrubs in front of some of those windows.

2.) Go Solar

If you think you can't afford to purchase solar panels, think again. With MCCU's affordable Solar Loans, you can count on a low, fixed monthly payment. Plus, you can take advantage of the federal tax credit and get 30% or your purchase back when you file your taxes. When you lease solar, you cannot get the tax credit. 

3.) Rethink Your Roof

Is your roof dressed in black for 90-degree weather? By installing a sunlight-reflecting "cool roof", you can reduce your roof's temperature and save energy and money by using less air conditioning. 

4.) Keep Your Cool

Large, heat-generating appliances can warm up a room quickly. Consider running your washing machine and dishwasher at night or in the early morning when it's cooler outside.

5.) Lighten Up

Replace your light bulbs! By swapping out just five incandescent light bulbs in a high-traffic area of your home to CFL or LED bulbs, you can save money on annual energy costs.

6.) Seal Those Leaks

If your home isn't a new build, you likely have leaking windows and doors. Caulking regularly shrinks. Structural walls of houses tend to shift with time. If you think you have leaks, reseal your windows by weather-stripping the problem areas. A leaky door may need a door sweep replacement. Just peel off the old one and bring it to a home improvement shop so they can help you find a new one that fits your door. 

7.) Get Smart

By installing a smart thermostat, your home will be programmed to cool off at exactly the times you need. If you're a LADWP customer, you may be eligible for a free AC checkup that includes a free smart thermostat. Visit the LADWP site for more details. 

8.) Pull the Plug

Up to 75% of energy consumption by home electronics happens when they're turned off. Save big by pulling out the plugs when you're done with your electronics. 

9.) Fire Up the Grill

An oven cranked up to the standard 350° makes your AC unit work harder. Use your grill for dinner prep when you can. You'll keep the heat out and enjoy the outdoors at the same time!

10.) Laundry Smarts

About 90% of the energy used when doing laundry comes from heating the water. When possible, choose the cold setting on your washing machine. Hanging your clothes to dry will also trim your bill. 

We hope that these tips will help you save energy, and money! Remember to ask us about our affordable Home Energy and Solar Loans when you're ready for the big projects! 


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