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Empty Your Wallet Before You Go Holiday Shopping
Empty Your Wallet Before You Go Holiday Shopping12/3/2019

Two women peeking into store window with holiday shopping bagsYou've got your list, your coupons and your shopping apps all queued up. Now, before you head out to tackle your holiday shopping, be sure to REMOVE these items from your wallet or purse.

  • Receipts. Smart ID thieves can piece together enough information to attempt to phish for more, giving them everything they need to hack your accounts or create fake IDs.

  • Social Security Card. You rarely have to present this card, and hardly during a shopping trip to the mall. A retiree with Medicare? Take that card out, too, since it still lists your SS number on it.

  • Cheat sheet. You carry it to keep track of the lengthy list of passwords needed to conduct your everyday life. We get it. But don't let a potential thief get to it.

  • Spare keys. A burglarized car on the mall parking lot or an extra set to go with your lost wallet will invite way more security threats than just some lost cash.

  • Passport. Unless you're planning to shop in Canada or Mexico for your gifts, leave this ID thief jackpot in your safety box or safe at home.

  • Extra Credit Cards. If you know where you are headed, take the credit cards to the other places not on your list.

In the event your wallet/purse is lost or stolen during your holiday shopping outing, limit your risk exposure by giving the thief as little as possible.

One way to avoid this from happening is to add your MCCU debit and credit card to Apple/Samsung/Android Pay! All you’ll need to do is tap your phone to the card reader and your purchase is done! No need to pull out a credit or debit card, or even carry one!

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