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Personal Loans: Keep Your Borrowing in Check
Personal Loans: Keep Your Borrowing in Check3/21/2019

woman opening box in home with dog next to herSometimes our willpower isn’t strong enough. You sneak a cupcake on your diet. You take a nap instead of walking the treadmill. You open a credit card account for emergencies, but rack up the balance at a shoe sale you couldn’t resist.

If you doubt the strength of your willpower when it comes to borrowing, a fixed-rate Personal Loan may be an option. Unlike an open-ended credit card or home equity line of credit that allow you to spend, pay back, and spend again, a fixed-rate personal loan is closed with a set payment and term. That means you make a decision on what you want or need to buy first, then apply for that amount.

You can’t overspend because you’ll only borrow what you need. It’s a perfect borrowing tool for purchases like computers and electronics, furniture, or any financial emergency that may come up. Why tempt yourself with spending power that you don’t need? Let a Personal Loan help you get what you want and stay within your budget.

MCCU offers affordable Personal Loans with great terms to help keep your payments low. Plus, we won’t charge you any application fees when you apply. You can also defer your first payment for 90 days, but interest will accrue.

Learn more about MCCU’s Personal Loans and apply today!

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