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Debit Cards


Use Your MasterMoney Debit Card for ATM and Debit Purchases

Cash and ATM Transactions

  • Get cash 24 hours a day at any ATM displaying the CO-OP, Star™ or Cirrus network logos.

  • Pay for purchases and get cash back at any Star™ Network POS terminal

  • Also, many retailers like Ralphs, Costco and Target offer "cash back" with no MCCU ATM usage fees. Just select the debit option when you swipe your card,

  • Individual merchants have their own cash limits and fees, but generally offer "cash-back" withdrawals of $20, $50 or more!


Debit Transactions

  • MasterMoney Debit Card is FREE!

  • It's usually accepted wherever MasterCard® is honored… but it works like a check!

  • MasterMoney Debit Card is easier to carry than a checkbook… and you'll never run out of checks!

  • Use it to pay for purchases… and instead of increasing your credit card debt, the purchase amount is debited from available funds in your MCCU Checking Account!

  • Purchases will appear on your monthly statement as electronic Checking withdrawals. The date and amount of each transaction will be itemized, and the retailer or location of the purchase may also be listed.

  • You can securely store your MasterMoney Debit Card to your phone’s digital wallet. Add your MasterMoney Debit Card to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay!

Get a MasterMoney Debit Card today!

If you're near a branch, visit us to get one issued on the spot!  Or, download and complete the application below and send it to us!

See full disclosure for details.

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