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Dealers love to sell their extended warranties… which offer LESS VALUE than the credit union's MBI program, and typically cost hundreds of dollars more! In addition, the MBI program is extremely flexible. Here's a brief overview:

Simple Claims Procedure

Your vehicle may be repaired at any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada with prior approval.

Direct Payment To Repair Facility

AFI Management Company will supply a national credit card to the repair shop for payment of all authorized repair costs, less your deductible. The average deductible is between $25 and $50, depending on the type of plan you select.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

As long as you have not filed a claim, you may cancel anytime during the first 60 days and get a 100% refund!
Easy Payment - 100% of the cost may be included in your MCCU auto loan.

Transferable Coverage

If you should decide to sell your vehicle to a private owner, the coverage may be transferred. Or, if you prefer, you may cancel the coverage and request a pro-rated refund.

Cap On Rising Repair Costs

This feature protects you against inflation as parts and labor costs continue to rise!

Superior Coverage

Top-of-the-line named exclusion coverage insured by "A-" Best Rated American Mercury Insurance Group will save hundreds of dollars over comparable manufacturer's service contracts.

Best of all, MBI coverage is available for both New and Used Cars!

If your vehicle is still under a manufacturer's warranty… you may qualify for MBI coverage under a new-car policy. However, for a used car no longer under the manufacturer's warranty, your MBI policy must be arranged within 10 days of the car purchase to be eligible for coverage. Other restrictions may apply.

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PLEASE NOTE: This page outlines some of the main features of the MBI plan, but is not a complete list of benefits. For more information, please call the MCCU Loan Department at (818) 993-6328.

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