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7 Easy Ways To Give Your Kids A Financial Education
7 Easy Ways To Give Your Kids A Financial Education2/13/2018

little blonde girl laying in the grass holding a dollar bill in front of her face











  1. Take your kids with you on your next visit to MCCU. And open a Youth Savings Account for them - this teaches them the importance of saving money and how earning interest works!
  2. Let them watch you balance your checkbook.
  3. Show your kids how you pay your bills so they know that electricity, water, gas, phones and cable all cost money.
  4. Give them a budget for an item they want, and let them choose which one to buy.
  5. Let your kids work to pay for an expensive gadget or a special trip they really want. They can help with chores around the house  - that's a win-win!
  6. Help them open their own small business.
  7. Let your kids see you occasionally leave a store without buying anything so they learn to fight the impulse to buy, buy, buy.


Your Turn: How do you teach your kids to value money? Share your best techniques with us in the comments!

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