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Don't Become A Victim: Hang Up on Scams!

Updated: Mar 6

Unknown caller

In our increasingly connected digital era, scammers are continually devising new strategies to breach our trust and manipulate us. Along with phishing and other online scams, many fraudsters are reverting to traditional phone scams.

Common Tactics of Scammers

  • Pretend to be from a well-known agency or organization. For example, they may claim to be an FBI agent. Such scammers often spoof the agency's phone number to contact potential victims. 

  • Tell you a compelling narrative, claiming there's a problem or that you have won a prize.  They may claim that your identity was compromised and associated with criminal activities and that you need to "protect" your assets by withdrawing them and handing them over.

  • Tell you that you need to pay in a specific way. They may instruct you to "protect" your assets by withdrawing them and handing them over at a nearby location.

Your Shield Against Scams: Knowledge & Vigilance

  • Beware of Unknown Callers: If you don't recognize the number or the caller ID seems suspicious, let it go to voicemail. Authentic agencies like the FBI will not contact you over the phone for personal information or financial transactions.

  • Verify Before You Trust: Received a call that's causing alarm? Hang up and contact the organization directly through verified channels. Don't use the contact information provided by the caller.

  • High Pressure? Hang Up: Scammers thrive on urgency. Any call demanding immediate action or payment under pressure is a glaring red flag.

  • Report & Discuss: Encountered a scam call? Report it to the appropriate authorities and discuss it with friends and family. Awareness is a powerful deterrent against fraud.

  • Financial Caution: Never give money to someone you haven't verified, especially if prompted by an unsolicited call.

Matadors Community Credit Union is committed to providing you with knowledge to help you detect scams and protect your finances. Please contact us at 818-993-6328 if you have any concerns about your credit union accounts.


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